Bata Industrials

Bata Industrials is a specialized division of Bata Pakistan Limited catering to footwear needs of various industries and institutions. Large industries and private/public institutions are sold safety footwear for their workers by Bata Industrials Division directly and through specialized distributors.

Whilst comfort and durability are essential properties of our footwear, we provide special features like impact resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, lightweight etc. depending upon specific industry requirements like steel, oil, cement etc.

In addition, we provide excellent quality canvas PT shoes, miner's shoes etc. to meet specific requirements of army, police forces and mining industry.

For corporate offices, we have a selected range of regular wear occupational shoes for management level people working in an industry or construction environment.

The single overriding goal is: To guarantee the wearers of our shoes optimum safety, health and comfort. This philosophy has won Bata industrials an outstanding reputation in the better class of safety footwear.


Contact Address

Talha Javaid
Manager Export & Corporate Sales
Bata Pakistan Limited
Batapur, Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: +92 42 36581178
UAN: +92 42 111-044-055
Ext: 1235/1279
Fax: +92 42 36581176