Your Ultimate Sneaker Guide: The Right Pair for Any Occasion

Your Ultimate Sneaker Guide: The Right Pair for Any Occasion


The once humble sneaker is no longer at home solely on the basketball court. Over the last decade or so, sneakers have been launched to the heights of fashion and are now available in such a wide range of styles, fits, and colors—that you can wear them for virtually any occasion.

That said, with so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to select the perfect pair for the adventure at hand. As always, though, we are here to help you make an informed and stylish decision. At Bata, we’ve dedicated a lot of time and resources to crafting sneakers that make your feet sing while looking on point in a variety of situations.

Ready to dive into the wonderful world of sneakers? Read on to discover the perfect pair of kicks for any day of the week.


When sweat is the name of the game: High-value performance athletic sneakers 

Of course, if you’re a runner, love walking or hitting the gym—you know how important it is to have a reliable pair of shoes for the job. Running any distance in the wrong pair of sneakers is not only uncomfortable, it does nothing to improve your performance.

When activity-based comfort and performance are what you’re after—you want to look for a light and well-cushioned shoe that still provides stability, flexibility, and breathability. For example, with the Power brand, we have aimed to make fitness available to all by engineering a high-value performance shoe that doesn’t break the bank.

Since its launch in 1971 as the athletic footwear arm of the Bata Shoe Company, Power has been continually refined to incorporate the newest technology and adapt to changing needs of our customers. These sneakers make you feel light and agile on your feet while offering the protection needed to get the most from any sweat sass safely. In addition, all Power products are designed to have a contemporary look while delivering a great level of comfort, which means you can still feel confident wearing them to and from the gym.


For getting the most out of your busy lifestyle: Comfy, casual kicks

The pandemic made many people aware of how much better they feel when wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. And now that we are once again able to do all the things we love, we have all the more reason to wear shoes that allow us to feel good while being on our feet all day.

When looking for a sneaker that will be your perfect companion while running errands and getting the most out of everyday life—you want something that has good impact absorption, is lightweight and offers a versatile and trendy look.

The Bata 3D brand is all about this. There's a sneaker for you, whether shock absorption, breathability, or flexibility is your top priority. Each collection has been meticulously designed as an urban casual lifestyle sneaker for active people who need comfort and style. These sneakers match all outfits for both office and leisure, thanks to their sleek designs and colorways. They also provide the best stability and cushioning wrapped in a lightweight shoe that makes the most of the latest in sneaker technology.


Tapping into your inner explorer: Sneakers for connecting with nature

Do you love that rugged style that appears just as at home on the hiking trails as in the urban jungle? Finally, there’s an increasingly diverse subset of sneakers that combines the best of both worlds. These days, you can find plenty of well-thought-out designs that deliver excellent comfort and performance for city-dwellers, outdoor living and style enthusiasts, and those looking for a little of each.

If you move around a lot during the day (by foot or bike), like to get some fresh air on your lunch break, or just need a super comfy and reliable shoe for getting the kids from point A to point B—you need certain features. With an outdoor aesthetic adapted for the city, you want to find a lightweight, water-repellent sneaker made from durable materials and with excellent cushioning.  

You can also kick things up a notch with a more robust outdoor design. When thinking about trail-ready options, it is necessary to prioritize functional technologies and the best combination of features for each kind of activity. In the Weinbrenner collection, you’ll find both. Whether you want a practical urban sneaker or a shoe with the excellent heel support and shock absorption needed for trail running and traction lug in the outsole for optimal grip and stability—you’ll be ready to tackle your playground of choice.


Standing out from the crowd: A stylish pair of kicks

The massive explosion in the popularity of sneakers also has a lot to do with the way street style has worked its way into high fashion. Over the last few decades, sneakers have moved from an exclusively athletic niche to a coveted fashion item. From couture brands to celebrities and influencers, everyone wants in on the action. 

And when you really want to express your sense of style with a pair of sneakers, you’re probably after something with an edgy look and a rich fusion of color, design, style and attitude. At the same time, you want a functional shoe that can keep you comfortable all day. Thankfully, with the return of looks like the basket silhouette, the retro dad shoe, and the towering platform—you have no shortage of ways to express yourself.

The North Star brand was created for those who crave uniqueness and free artistic expression in their footwear. A product of urban culture, these shoes embody an authentic means of conveying individuality and attitude. When it comes to fashion, let the right sneaker speak to you. North Star offers incredible variety for those who like to explore and express their specific style while incorporating the latest and greatest sneaker trends.


Keeping it classy (and comfy) at the office: Refined and elegant sneakers

Sneakers really do belong in just about any setting these days, and the office is no exception. With so many classic, more elegant sneakers on offer, you can perfectly complement a smart casual look with a pair of lace-ups. From leather sneakers, forever cool tennis styles, canvas options, or simple slip-ons, you can have so much fun playing around with different looks and combos. For example, have you tried pairing your favorite suit with a pair of simple white tennis sneakers? We guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

In our North Star and various other Bata collections, you’ll find timeless designs that reflect our proud shoe-making heritage and perfectly suit a more upscale situation. You can shop by material type or shoe style to find the right pair to add to your wardrobe.

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