The Colors & Trends You Need to Know for 2023

The Colors & Trends You Need to Know for 2023


Already excited about fashion and color trends in 2023? As always, we love playing with fun trends and seeing all the beautiful outfits our style-loving customers create. When designing Bata shoes, we are always mindful that fashion is a creative and diverse form of expression, and it is constantly evolving to suit the times we are living in. At the same time, several classic looks always appear smart and can be easily updated with a few strategic tweaks. So, while we enter into a new calendar year, let’s take a look at a few of the top fashion colors trends we expect to see a lot of over the next 12 months.


Time to shine

Satin is looking like it is going to be a major fashion trend for 2023, with plenty of elegant, shiny pieces on offer. We are talking about both clothing and shoes, by the way. Don’t be surprised to see lots of satin-clad feet, from over-the-knee boots to clogs. There have also been some fun metallic fabrics making their way onto the runway, so it’s safe to say you can get excited about seeing your favorite classic styles dressed up in exciting new materials.


The heels are back in town

Pumps are a staple so classic they are hardly newsworthy, but we are starting to see innovative new takes on this timeless style. We love a bold pair of shoes and are excited that heels are set to be a staple of 2023 fashion trends. From reimagining of the shoe style using details like zippers and sharp lines, the timeless pump suddenly feels new sitting on the shoe shop shelf.


But ballet is also having a moment

For those who prefer to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground, you are also in luck. Ballet flats are another trending shoe fashion style that has been making a comeback, and designers are just getting started. From dainty materials to silver-embellished styles, the versatile slip-on style is going to be big in female fashion over the upcoming year.


Innovative shoe shapes and designs

Creativity was back on the runways in a big way in many areas. One thing to note? New shoe shapes and architectural heels. In the year ahead, you’ll likely see everything from thick curved heels to circular styles, and plenty of curved lines. Some of the softer and pumped-up creations even appear at first to be inflatable (don’t worry, they are not). So it looks like, in addition to the classic designs, unusual shapes of shoes and heels will also be making their way onto a shoe shelf near you.


Leather, leather, and more leather

Leather has been a mainstay in the fashion world for decades, and we definitely understand why. The timeless and sophisticated appeal that leather offers have always been seen as a great way to make a fashion statement, and this season was no exception. Plus, thanks to the enduring uniqueness of leather as a product, leather objects such as shoes, saddles, wallets, and clothes last a long time. As the trend persists, we have also started seeing some fun experimentation with colors and cuts that feature the qualities of leather in new and exciting ways. And thankfully, leather pairs well with basically everything, so it is definitely a trend worth investing in for 2023.


Straps and buckles galore

Super-strappy shoes have been a defining trend in the last several years, but now, we're seeing a new spin on them, including the introduction of buckles and a variety of strap widths. Plus, there are now plenty of flat strappy shoes, which are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to look chic without compromising at all on comfort.  With plenty of fabulous buckled heels and boots on offer, you can pick yourself up a new statement piece and be ready to launch into 2023 with style. 


Brightness is in

We have been seeing a lot of brightness on display in recent years, and it's clear that the buzz around vibrant hues has yet to reach its peak. From hot pink, cobalt blue, and even marigold and lime green—which one will be the color of the year 2023? It remains to be seen, but you would be forgiven for thinking you were staring into a crayon box when looking at all the trending colors. So, if you are drawn towards bolder looks, don’t shy away from grabbing yourself a statement piece in an eye-catching color you’ve been curious about trying.


Warmth and pastels are also plentiful

In addition to the many pops of bright color, you can also expect to see a lot of understated and subdued color trends in 2023. From gorgeous blends of gold, brown, and beige to soft pastel hues, these new styles prove that you can opt for a fresh take on neutral while also being relevant. We love that the gentle undertones also lend a calming and grounded feel to any outfit, plus these classic mid-tone looks are full of trans-seasonal appeal.


The athletic look stays strong

Athletic-inspired trends have been increasing in popularity for a few seasons already, and it seems this trend will continue well into next year. But unlike previous seasons, we saw athleisure attire shift from preppy to edgy in the form of moto-inspired pieces. The rise of all things motocross is a testament to the fact that this trend is becoming increasingly accessible and that you don’t actually have to have a motorcycle parked out back to dress the part. 


Fringing all over the place

The latest take on fringing is a far cry from its bohemian aesthetic, with the detail adorning even the most sophisticated pieces in your wardrobe. Expect to see fringing embellishments on everything from jackets and bags to a sleek pair of leather sneakers.

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