Ready For The Next Level in Foot Comfort? Experience Our Comfit Range

Ready For The Next Level in Foot Comfort? Experience Our Comfit Range


At Bata, we have always been committed to the idea that a shoe should feel as good as it looks. Comfortable shoes truly do have the power to improve your quality of life, and we have spent years of research and development to create footwear that supports all the essential impact spots and makes the wearer feel light on their feet and confident.

Our Comfit Active Collection is the latest innovative design in this tradition of exceptionally comfortably casual footwear. The newest addition to our Comfit series, the Active Collection was meticulously crafted to be a shoe in motion that signals a life of the go. The result of sprawling team collaboration at a ‘Batathon’ and the latest in shoe technology, we really couldn’t be more excited about sharing these shoes with our customers!

As we continue to provide footwear that offers supurb comfort with each wear, let’s take a look at how our Comfit collection came to be and the new comfort opportunities made possible by our latest iteration.


Take care of your feet, and your feet will take care of you

Beyond wanting to feel good on your feet—the truth is, by wearing uncomfortable footwear—you are inclined to get less out of your days and suffer from a decrease in mood. It is hard to get excited about things if your feet aren’t happy!

With our Comfit collection, we understand that it is also imperative that the shoes are made of quality materials and along with this we’ve incorporated a wide, ergonomic fit, and anti-slip technology ensure anyone wearing our shoe feels comfortable and energized throughout the day. 


A rich and rewarding “Batathon”

We are all about collaboration, adaptation, and embracing a spanning vision. So when we hosted a ‘Batathon’ in early 2020 to expand the horizons of our Comfit collection, we were determined to consider all possibilities when it came to creating a shoe that would provide the ultimate in comfort and satisfaction.


Comfort is king

The fundamental idea behind Comfit was to take the comfort and feeling of wearing sneakers and replicate this experience across many different shoes and sandals. The combination of extra cushioned insoles, ergonomic fit and anti-slip outsoles, results in the most comfortable walking experience possible.

And as always, with Bata products, comfort and convenience does not have to be inimical to fashion. We’ve expanded our Comfit brand to offer a wider range of looks and models so that we can give our customers all the same possibilities for expressing their personal style without compromising ease of wear.


Unique insole architecture 

And when it comes to the tech that sets our shoes apart—this collection of Bata shoes is made truly unique thanks to our obsessively designed Comfit Architecture. This innovative shoe technology has been developed around four specific comfort dimensions for active and non-active lifestyles:

Comfit Wellness Collection and its Massage technology: Our Comfit Massage Insoles are made with hundreds of raised nodes that provide gentle, comfortable, yet effective massage to the soles of your feet while you’re walking or standing. Their 3D massaging surfaces provide support and cushioning, which helps reduce muscle fatigue by stimulating key pressure points and improving blood circulation for a continuous massaging action that keeps you feeling energized throughout the day.

Comfit Cushion Collection and its Memory Foam technology: The second design in our Comfit collection is driven by super-soft cushioning insoles that guarantee instant comfort. The memory foam gives a custom fit, quickly molding to the shape of the foot and then instantly rebounding when the foot is removed. Overall, there is also less compression than traditional foam over the product’s lifetime, so the cushioning, fit, comfort, and performance never change. These shoes are incredibly lightweight and give the feeling of softness and plush, supportive comfort every time the shoe is put on.

Comfit NaturFit Collection and its Anatomic technology: For this line, we focused on Anatomic technology composed of an ergonomically shaped inner sole providing soft support that recreates the natural feeling of walking on sand. It ensures just the right support to the feet on rough and irregular grounds since it molds easily under the weight of the body. Soft yet firm, it helps your feet feel as naturally comfortable as possible, granting a sense of freedom that will last all day long.

Comfit Active Collection and its Soft Walk technology: Finally, our Comfit Active collection is propelled by Comfit Soft Walk technology, providing 360° of comfort thanks to the combination of insole and outsole technologies that absorb the impact of the ground defects and soften each step.


The next generation of shoe technology

As a result of the visionary ideas presented at our Batathon, our expanding Active Collection really does represent a new level of engineering excellence in casual footwear. With shock absorption front and center, we combined technologies to absorb the impact and soften each step. Here are some of the characteristics that define our Active Collection line:

▪ The insoles come with memory foam for a comfortable fit and advanced cushioning.

▪ Two outsole features are available to complete the technology:


Shock Absorb points technology

An outsole construction inspired by Hovercraft technology allows compression and extension at the foot pressure points thanks to the pins inserted into the sole. The shock absorbs points of the outsole play the role of cushions at the foot pressure points. It facilitates foot functions and enables longer walk, overall helping alleviate foot pressure by 45%.


Air Float technology:

An air bubble that absorbs the impact of each step for extra cushioning that protects the foot against fatigue and stress. It is proven to increase cushioning by 60% within the casual footwear category.


Comfort, protection, and style

Overall our Active Collection and Comfit Collection speak to our acknowledgment as a brand that things are changing. We understand that people’s lifestyles are evolving, and they want to put comfort at the center of their lives while transitioning seamlessly between home, work, and play. Our Comfit Active Collection ticks all the boxes: from the need for more support and balance to the anti-slip and arch support design both heals and protects. At the end of the day, the mood embraces versatile and long-lasting designs for more fluid lifestyles, as we understand that our customers want flexibility, performance, and comfort in all that they do!

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