Our Unique 3D Sneaker Concept Explained

Our Unique 3D Sneaker Concept Explained


Style and fashion are never static. We create all our designs to meet the current moment while producing a quality product that will stand the test of time. Eager to make use of the latest technologies, we also relentlessly test and adjust everything that carries that Bata name—making sure we get things just right. Our new line of 3D sneakers is one result of this process.

Designed at the Bata Innovation Style Center in Italy, the Bata 3D Energy is the newest

arrival in Bata’s global sneakers portfolio and the first of three instalments in our 3D collection. Unlike the usual lifestyle sneakers, Bata 3D proposes a collection of mainstream versatile styles combined with an additional touch of tech to offer a comfortable wear from morning until night.

But of course, the steps involved in getting from idea to prototype and ultimately production are multifold. So let’s take a closer look at how this exciting new line of sneakers came to life!


Style evolution: A slick and practical sneaker

When our designers set out to create a new sneaker, they did so with an acute awareness that fashion is evolving in a practical direction. As Jenny Baldrocco, Global Product Manager, explains, “even before the pandemic, we were seeing casualisation reshaping the workplace environment – casual attire has since become even more acceptable in the variety of ‘formal environments.’ Rather than just ‘Casual Friday,’ for example, casualwear has transitioned into an everyday practice, giving greater freedom to decide what to wear in the office.”

And indeed, the versatility of leisure outfits that can function seamlessly across multiple occasions is experiencing higher demand. Now more than ever, consumers prefer clothes and footwear that are suitable for various activities, including work, travel, and even social gatherings. In addition, we see the emergence of “well fashion,” emphasising health and wellness benefits. The trend is about spending more time than ever doing things to improve and sustain a level of health and wellbeing across all facets of life. Therefore, our intention was to make a sneaker that both felt and looked great, and would provide the wearer with an added boost to get the most out of their days.


The 3D Concept  

The 3D Energy sneaker was thus born as the first instalment in our collection informed by “3Dimensional” product technology. Released last year, our 3D Energy sneaker will be followed by two sister designs that fall under the same urban casual umbrella, while having unique key features that made them distinct. In addition to creating the perfect multifunctional sneaker that would look good across occasions, our team looked to tech for an approach that would set our sneakers apart. As with every Bata design, new technologies and innovations played an important role. Here is a breakdown of our 3D collection:

3D Energy: For the first item in our new line of sneakers, shock absorption was the number one priority. These shoes are meant to  put a spring in your step and reward the person wearing them with a little return of energy thanks to its rebound technology.


3D Oxygen: Following up our 3D Energy is the 3D Oxygen, which will be released in the first quarter of 2022. Breathability is the name of the game with this design. Supported by Oxy-Tech technology, the side air vents of the sneakers allow for optimal air circulation. The cool fit insole enhances the consumer’s feeling of fresh comfort, while the breathable upper ensures humidity control.


3D Motion: Finally, coming up at the beginning of 2023 is our 3D Motion design—focused on flexibility. We were determined to make a shoe that allows for easy natural movement and keeps you moving forwards without any constraints. 3D Motion offers exceptional flexibility, but it also does not compromise on support. Every element of the shoe was created to maximise secure and stabilised natural movement. 


The three design details that make Bata 3D Energy unique

As we eagerly await the arrival of our next two sneaker designs, let’s take a closer look at the unique characteristics that define our 3D Energy line. Designed to offer maximum impact absorption, they provide the best of stability and cushioning wrapped in a lightweight shoe thanks to its three key technologies:

  • A rebound sole that boosts every step.
  • A heel stabiliser that provides hardback support for greater balance.
  • A memory foam insole and back counter that increase the feeling of cushioning for instant comfort.



The result of meticulous engineering

Each of these elements has been incorporated to enhance the others, and our rigorously-crafted sneakers are the result of the findings from extensive research done by our team. We understand that for leisure, consumers want impact absorption, breathability, flexibility, lightweight and anti-slip in the shoes they wear. Beyond just offering a comfortable wear, people expect their sneakers to do more and put a little bounce in their step.

We have accomplished this with the 3D Energy. Thanks to leading tech and unparalleled shock absorption, the Bata 3D Energy are an urban casual lifestyle sneaker that really can provide energy all day. Ideal for everyday ventures, we’ve designed these sneakers to be available in versatile designs and colorways to suit the wearer’s needs. This is a shoe that can enhance the style of all outfits and provide maximum comfort at the office and during leisure pursuits.


A versatile sneaker to power you through all of life’s adventures

A lot of work went into making these shoes the ultimate sneaker, and, at the end of the day, we couldn’t be happier with the results. The Bata 3D collection’s unique characteristics — shock absorption, breathability, and flexibility — all give the wearer a little extra vivacity and nimbleness, regardless of how long they are on their feet. Tech and design come together to produce a shoe that really is capable of providing all day comfort. When it comes to the perfect sneaker, what more could you ask for?

You can learn more about the designs in our 3D Energy collection here, and stay tuned for the upcoming reveals of our 3D Oxygen and 3D Motion models!

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