BFirst 'Bacteria Ki Chutti Karao': Unleashing the Ultimate School Shoe Collection for Kids!

BFirst 'Bacteria Ki Chutti Karao': Unleashing the Ultimate School Shoe Collection for Kids!


Bata proudly introduces its latest addition to their illustrious history of groundbreaking shoe designs since 1894 - the all-new BFirst school shoes. Specially crafted for kids, these shoes promise unmatched comfort, style, and performance. With advanced anti-bacterial technology integrated into the design, BFirst ensures not only a seamless stride but also prioritizes foot hygiene for children. The contemporary and sleek aesthetics make them a must-have for kids of all ages, combining exceptional comfort with eye-catching design. Elevate your shoe experience to a whole new level of excellence with BFirst.




Setting New Standards for Kids' Foot Health:

BFirst stands out by revolutionizing foot health for kids through cutting-edge antibacterial technology. These innovative shoes feature specialized materials that actively combat harmful bacteria and fungi, creating a hygienic environment for young feet. The antibacterial properties not only eliminate unpleasant odors but also prevent potential infections, giving parents and educators peace of mind. With a blend of durability, style, and health benefits, these antibacterial school shoes empower kids to focus on their studies and play with confidence, nurturing their overall well-being in the school environment.



More Than Technology: A Wide Range of Styles and Designs for All Age Groups:

While BFirst prioritizes cutting-edge antibacterial technology, it goes beyond being solely technology-driven. The collection offers an extensive range of styles and designs tailored to meet the needs of all age groups, from junior to senior students. With a focus on versatility and fashion, BFirst ensures that every child can find the perfect pair that complements their unique style and personality. From trendy and vibrant designs to classic and elegant options, BFirst caters to diverse preferences, allowing kids to step into the new school year with both confidence and style.


State-of-the-Art Socks & an Extensive Range of Bags:

Presenting Bata's state-of-the-art socks and an extensive range of school bags, showcasing our commitment to prioritize children's hygiene and well-being. Our specially crafted socks are designed to proactively safeguard kids' health, made from lightweight materials that promote fresh and hygienic feet throughout the day. Alongside our exceptional school bags designed for students of all ages, Bata goes the extra mile to ensure a comfortable and healthy experience for young scholars. With our innovative collection, kids can step into the new school year with confidence and style.



BFirst x McDonald's Collaboration:

To make the BFirst experience even more exciting, Bata partners with McDonald's for a unique collaboration that amplifies the joy of purchasing BFirst school shoes. With a shared commitment to education and well-being, McDonald's and Bata foster a culture of empathy and community engagement. This cross-collaboration comes with delightful value additions for customers. Bata offers a special coupon for customers, redeemable at any McDonald's restaurant, while McDonald's customers can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on BFirst products with the purchase of any meal.



By sharing these value additions, Bata aims to enhance the consumer journey for their customers, creating a truly rewarding experience while shopping at Bata. The collaboration also reflects the dedication of both companies to making a positive impact on the lives of children, inspiring other corporations to embrace social responsibility and contribute to a brighter future for generations to come.

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